At Pimentaira we seek to encourage pleasure in cooking through the discovery of new flavours, with simple ideas and conscious choices.

We bring spices based on different cultures

so that your daily dish can have

always a different touch.

Our products are

100% Natural and our mixtures are made with selected ingredients and without the addition of salt, flavours or artificial agents.


Cooking is a social act, it generates integration between those who prepare and also among those who eat, it generates respect for different tastes and different times.

It is also a process of self-knowledge, in which we discover delicious flavors and others not so much. It is the courage to try an exotic ingredient or the comfort of the recipe that we know works.


It’s accepting inconstancy, making beautiful dishes,

worthy of a photo, and sometimes “mixordias” that we don't show to anyone.


It is making conscious choices, knowing what is being put on the plate and eating real food.


And most importantly, being able to cook your way, because our kitchen is for everyone.

A Pimenteira